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CCI Thesis List

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Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Hu, Chen Grounded Theory on China's Population Policy Reporting by The New York Times Dr. Mark Harmon
Kim, Gawon Message strategies in Korean cosmetic surgery websites Dr. Ron Taylor
Kim, Minsoo Understanding the Relationship Between Country Reputation and Corporate Reputation Dr. Candace White
Mellon, Cassandrea Effective Followership Characteristics: Self-regulation and Intercultural Communication Competence Dr. Michelle Violanti
Sweet, Cynthia The College Scorecard: A new player in the game. Dr. Michelle Violanti
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Anjalin, Umana A Content Analysis of Gender Stereotypes n Contemporary Teenage Magazines Dr. Roxanne Hovland
Dinerstein, Anton Comparing News Frames about the Syrian Crisis Between the Kommersant and the Financial Times Dr. Peter Gross
Erdner, Sara M. The Relationship Between Parent Communication Orientations and the Self-Efficacy of Student Athletes Dr. Courtney Wright
Greig, Jamie Betting Markets vs Opinion Polling: The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Dr. Peter Gross
Kelley, Paisleigh Deception Among Organizational Leaders: Impacts on Employee Perceptions of Supervisor Credibiliy, Power, and Trust Dr. Michelle Violanti
Shoieb, Zienab The Effect of Advertising on Male Body Image Disturbance: A Content Analysis of Male Models in Esquire Magazine Ads from 1955-2005 Dr. J. Eric Haley
Tidwell, Heather Making Meaning of the Illness Experience: Narratives of Partners of Cancer Survivors Dr. Laura Miller
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Bumpus, Jamie Dawning Revelation: An Examination of Developments that Culminated in Estes KdFaoveris Emergence as Political TV Star Dr. Peter Gross
Nelson, Ashley D. The Role of Leader Communication Patterns, LMX, and Interactional Justice in Employee Emotional Exhaustion and Outcomes Dr. John Haas
Smith, Taylor M. Consumer Perceptions of a Brand's Social Media Marketing Dr. John Haas
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Brownlee, Katelyn E Gossip, Exclusion, Competition, and Spite: A Look Below the Glass Ceiling at Female-to-Female Communication Habits in the Workplace Dr. Michelle Violanti
Lee, Jinhee The effects of persuasion knowledge on consumers' responses to green advertising: Focusing on skepticism as mediator. Dr. J. Eric Haley
Parker, Kensey Student-Teacher Relationships and the Impacts of Goal Orientation, Personality, Socio-Economic Status, and Performance: An Examination of Those Served by Project GRAD Knoxville Dr. Michelle Violanti
Sumin, Shin Text Size Impact of Responsibility Messages in Magazine Alcohol Advertisements among College Students Dr. Roxanne Hovland
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Cai, Xizi Effectiveness of Anti-smoking Campaign Strategies on Smoking Cessation of Chinese Smokers: An Application of Taylor’s Six-Segment Message Strategy Wheel Dr. Roxanne Hovland
Headlee, Laura E Dual Frames: A Content Analysis of WBIR-TV’s 6 p.m. Coverage of the Christian-Newsom Murder Trials Dr. Ed Caudill
Ickowitz, Tanya E Emergency Text Messaging Systems and Higher Education Campuses: Expanding Crisis Communication Theories and Best Practices Dr. Michael Palancher
Jung, A-Reum Targeting gender: A content analysis of alcohol advertising in magazines Dr. Roxanne Hovland
Keathley, Lorna Law Enforcement, Communication Training & Verbal Judo Dr. John Haas
O’Daniel, Robby Reporting Matt Murdock’s Double Life - The Image of the Journalist in Marvel Comics’ Daredevil Dr. Paul Ashdown
Phillips, Alana S Two Types of Couponers Discovered: The Smart Family Shopper and the Game Player Dr. Ron Taylor
Sachs, Aaron M Consider the Source: Receiver-Assigned Attributions of Credibility to Influential Bloggers Dr. John Haas
Switzer, Virginia Creating the Brand Experience Across Media Channels Dr. John Haas
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Coman, Ioana U.S. Mediated Public Diplomacy in a Crisis: Romanian Case Analysis of Romanian Media Versus U.S. Embassy Framing Dr. Peter Gross
Gray, Roger K Communicating Via Knoxblab Dr. John Haas
Harp, Amy L. Effective Change Communication in the Workplace Dr. John Haas
Merrifield, Nicole A Projecting a Preferred Identity: How Five Government Contractors Frame Their Corporate Brands Online Dr. Elizabeth Avery
Park, Sejin The Effectiveness of Dialogic Relationship on the Military-Public Relationship Dr. Lisa Fall, Dr. Michael Kotowski
Williams, Kathrine A The Effects of Prior Knowledge and Stealing Thunder on Interpersonal Social Attraction Dr. Michael Kotowski
Yuran, Dzmitry Public Confidence in Social Institutions and Media Coverage: A Case of Belarus Dr. Peter Gross
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Edwards, Rachel Identity Management Strategies of Resident Assistants Dr. John Haas
Evans, Nathaniel An Examination of Parental Attitudes Towards Children’s Advergaming: A Parental Socialization Perspective Dr. Mariea Hoy
Fulmer, Brittany An Investigation of Willingness to Communicate, Communication Apprehension, and Self-Esteem in the Workplace Dr. John Haas
Manayeva, Natalie War of Words: Framing of the United States in Selected Belarusian Newspapers in 2009 Dr. Dwight Teeter
Radovic, Ivanka Radio-Television of Serbia (1989-2009): The Changing Role of State TV in Post-communist Country Dr. Sam Swan
Author Thesis Title Committee Chair
Brown, Kenon A. The Impact of Organization-Public Relationships on choosing Crisis Response Strategies Dr. Candace White
Imre, Iveta Croatian Public Television - Lost in Transformation Dr. Sam Swan
Justen (Massengill), Julie R. Ethnocentirism, intercultural interaction, and U.S. College Student’s Intercultural Communicative Behaviors: An Exploration of Relationships Dr. John Haas