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CCI Dissertations

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Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Bachstein, Frances Nichols Out From Darkness and into the Light: The Role of Transparency and Social Media in Government Dr. Suzie Allard
Cameron, Jaclyn A. The on-screen water cooler: Effects of televised user-generated comments on cognitive processing, social presence, and viewing experience. Dr. Nicholas W. Geidner
Cheong, Hyuk Jun Purchase Decision Type Influences on Consumers' Reliance: Brand-Related User-Generated Content Dr. Michael Palenchar
Park, Sejin Development and Validation of a Crisis Self-Efficacy Scale Dr. Elizabeth A. Foster
Shinault, Hannah Understanding Perceptions of Breast Health in a Southern Appalachian Community Dr. Candace White
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Boehm, Reid I. Dimensions of Access to Traceability Information for US Beef Cattle Producers Dr. Suzie Allard
D'Arcy, Denae L. Freelancers on the Frontline: Influences on Conflict Coverage Dr. Catherine Luther
Davis, Rebecca O. Undergraduate Women in the STEM Fields and the use of Academic Library Resources and Services Dr. J. Eric Haley
Garland, Michelle E. An Exploration of the Relationships among Faculty Verbal Messages, College Student Identities, and Student Outcomes Dr. Michelle Violanti
Heuett, Kyle B Group Brainstorming in Organizations: Implementing the Functional Theory of Group Decision-Making as a Means for Increasing Performance Dr. Kenneth Levine
Reno, Katie M. Proactive Communication: An Investigation of Employee Reactions to Organizational Communication Problems Dr. John Haas
Rice, Natalie Manaeva Russian anit-Americanism, Public Opinion and the Impact of the State-Controlled Mass Media Dr. Paul Ashdown
Yuran, Dzmitry An Exploratory Study of the Presence and Direction of Agenda-Setting Effects Between Leading U.S. Foreign Policy Think Tanks and U.S. Newspapers Dr. Peter Gross
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Coman, Ioana Alexandra News and the Public Sphere: The Boston Marathon Bombing in The New York Times and Le Figaro Dr. Peter Gross
Curry, Richard T. Online Social Networking Sites: Meaning of SNS's to Gay Men from Non-Accepting Families Dr. Eric Haley
Dalton, Elizabeth Dortch Communication, Control, and Time: The Lived Experience of Uncertainty in Adolescent Pregnancy Dr. Michelle T. Violanti
DeVito, Allyson Beutke The Role of Social Media Editors in Television Newsrooms: An Exploratory Study Dr. Norman R. Swan, Jr.
Eldredge, Scott Allen Intimacy Uncertainty and Identity in Gay Male Couples Dealing with a Serodiscordant HIV Status Dr. Michelle T. Violanti
Graham, Melissa Wooten Local Government-Citizen Relationships: Using the coorientation approach to analyze relationship effectiveness Dr. Elizabeth J. Avery
Imre, Iveta Assessing the Impact of United States mass media on Croatian cultural identities Dr. Norman R. Swan, Jr.
Ju, Ilwoo The Effects of Risk Disclosure in Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising (DTCA): Prominence, DTCA Regulatory Knowledge, and Perceived Attention Dr. Jin Seong Park
Pjesivac, Ivanka Radovic Trust in News Media in post-Communist Eastern Europe: The Case of Serbia Dr. Catherine A. Luther
Radic, Danijela Exploring Employee-Organization Relationships in Post-Socialist Transition: Local Employees' Experiences in Foreign-Owned Companies in Croatia Dr. Eric Haley
Rightler-McDaniels, Jodi Lynn Drawing the Primetime Color Line: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Interracial Marriages in Television Sitcoms Dr. Catherine A. Luther
Rui, Jue Microbloggers' motivations in participatory journalism: A cross-cultural study of America and China Dr. Norman R. Swan, Jr.
Sherline, Crystal Measuring the Norm of Reciprocity on Data Sharing Practices: A Carrot or Stick Approach? Dr. Suzie Allard
Suomela, Todd Ernest Citizen Science: Framing the Public, Information Exchange, and Communication in Crowdsourced Science Dr. Suzanne L. Allard
Van Kelegom, Martijn Planning for Communication Through Rehearsal Imagined Interactions Dr. Kenneth Levine
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Christen, Scott A. Creating and Maintaining Social Presence via Computer-Mediated Communication: Measuring the Self-Rated Behaviors that Lead to Social Presence Dr. Michelle T. Violanti
Evans, Nathaniel Joseph Activating Parents' Persuasion Knowledge in Children's Advergames: Testing the Effects of Advertising Disclosures and Cognitive Load Dr. Mariea Grubbs Hoy
Rieger, Jason Paul Personality Traits and Motivations for Usage of Online Social Network Sites Among College Freshmen Dr. Suzanne L. Allard
Wells, D. Scott Telling it like it is: A qualitative excavation of the factors that impel natural/physical scientists to serve as mass media news sources Dr. Ben Bates
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Ahn, Hoyoung (Anthony) Consumers’ Optimistic Bias and Responses to Risk Disclosures in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Prescription Drug Advertising: The Moderating Role of Subjective Health Literacy Dr. Eric Haley
Broaddus, Matthew Students’ Writing Self-Efficacy, Motivation, and Experience: Predictors in Journalistic Writing Education Dr. Michelle Violanti
Colon-Aguirre, Monica Organizational Storytelling in Academic Libraries: Roles, Perceptions and Addresses Dr. Edwin Cortez
Edwards, Sheri Re-conceptualizing the Information use Environment: Enablers of and con in Hospice Care Volunteerism in Southeastern Appalachia Dr. Carol Tenopir
Hocke, Tatjana Prepared for Natural Disaster? How Children and Families Understand and Make Sense of Natural Disaster Preparedness Dr. Michael Palenchar
Kelly, Stephanie Examining the Role of Perceived Immediacy as a Mediator: Revisiting the Relationships Among Immediate Behaviors, Liking, and Disclosure Dr. Michael Kotowski
Kim, Taewoo Consumers' Correspondence Inference on Celebrity Endorsers: The Role of Correspondence Bias and Suspicion Dr. Sally McMillian
Park, Joosuk (Joseph) Understanding the Dimensions of Trust in Public Relations and Its Measurement Dr. Candace White
Rajanakorn, Nutthanun (Nikki) Examining Corporate Social Responsibility in Thailand: A View from Thai Companies Dr. Eric Haley
Winkelstein, Julie Public Libraries and Homeless LGBTQ Youth: Creating Safe Spaces Through Cultural Competence Dr. Edwin Cortez
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Aldaihani, Abdalaziz The Role of Computer Mediated Technologies (CMITs) in Scientific Collaboration in the Arab World Dr. Suzie Allard
Aydinoglu, Arsev Umur Complex Adaptive Systems Theory Applied to Virtual Scientific Collaborations: The Case of DataONE Dr. Suzie Allard
Chen, Huan The Lived Meanings of Product Placements in Social Network Sites (SNSs) Among Chinese Urban White-Collar Professionals: A Story of Happy Network Dr. Eric Haley
Freberg, Karen J. Intention to Comply with Food Safety Messages in a Crisis as a Function of Message Source and Message Reliability Dr. Michael Palancher
Kirk, Rachel Contradictions Between how Students are Taught to Write and What They are Expected to Read in General Education Courses Dr. Carol Tenopir
Lee, Taejun (David) The Role of Financial Services Advertising on Investors’ Economic Decision-Making Dr. Eric Haley
Manley, Cynthia A Bibliometric Analysis of the Use of Technical Report Literature: Pre-and Post-Internet Distribution Dr. Carol Tenopir
McClanahan, Karen J. The Information Behavior of Public Health Educators Working in Appalachia Dr. Carol Tenopir
Park, Jae Hee An Examination of Automobile Online Brand Communities (AOBCs) in the U.S. and South Korea: Linkages Among Motivation, Experience, and Satisfaction Dr. Sally McMillian
Spasovska, Katerina Journalism Under Seige: An Investigation into How Journalists in Macedonia Understand Professionalism and Their Role in Development of Democracy Dr. Peter Gross
Wu, Lei Users’ Help-Seeking Behaviors Within the Context of Computer Task Accomplishment: An Exploratory Study Dr. Peiling Wang
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Aristeguieta-Trillos, Simon Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists in Venezuela Dr. Edwin Cortez
Kawooya, Dick Traditional Musician-Centered Perspectives on Ownership of Creative Expressions Dr. Ben Bates
Pratt, Angela N. Integrated Impression Management: How NCAA Division I Athletic Directors Understand Public Relations Dr. Sally McMillan
Smith, Jessica T. Always and Never the Same: Women’s Long-Distance Friendships During Life Course Transitions Dr. Michelle Violanti
Vanc, Antoneta M. The Relationship Management Process of Public Diplomacy: U.S. Public Diplomacy in Romania Dr. Peter Gross
Author Dissertation Title Committee Chair
Davis, M. Justin Was That Racist or Not? I Can’t Tell: The Music of Prussian Blue Dr. John Haas
Lee, Shu-Yueh The Cognitive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery Reality Shows - From a Priming Perspective Dr. Catherine Luther
Motta, Bernardo H. The Right to Know and the Fight Against Toxic Elements: The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 Dr. Mark Littmann
Muchtar, Nurhaya The Impact of International Media Training on Radio Professionals in Indonesia Dr. Sam Swan
Smith, D. Renee Peeking Out: A Textual Analysis of Heteronormative Female Images in Prime-Time Television Dr. Catherine Luther