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CCI Faculty International Interests

  • College of Communication & Information
Name Position International Interests
Suzie Allard Associate Dean for Research;
Director of the Center for Information & Communication Studies;
Chancellor's Professor; CCI Board of Visitors Professor

Dr. Allard is interested in how scientists and engineers use and communicate information particularly in terms of international teams and virtual scientific organizations.  She was co-lead of IEEE funded research that studied communication of information among hi-tech engineers in the US, India, and China. Dr. Allard is also involved in developing an Intercultural Leadership Toolkit for the Information Age in partnership with colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico. She has been involved in teaching, research, and professional activities in Asia, primarily in China, Korea and India. Dr. Allard has particular expertise in India working with Jadavpur University in Kolkata, and with the International School of Information Management at Mysore University, in Mysore. Dr. Allard sits on the Board of Directors of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.

Virginia W. Kupritz Associate Dean for Academic Programs;
Director of Graduate Studies;
Inaugural William H. Swain Professor; Professor

Dr. Kupritz's international experiences and interests include living and working in Saudi Arabia for three years where she co-founded the first female program of architecture in the Kingdom. Her cultural travels include Jordan, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, Canada, Hawaii, Austria, Italy, France, England, Wales, Holland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

Michael O. Wirth CCI Dean;

Dr. Wirth is interested in the development of Chinese media (economics, management, law, and policy). He has been involved in teaching, research, and professional activities in China and Australia. Wirth also served as Co-director of the Chinese Executive Media Management Program at the University of Denver from 2000-2006.

  • School of Information Sciences
Name Position International Interests
Dania Bilal Professor

Multicultural information behavior research; developing countries and information-poor societies.

Devendra Potnis Associate Professor

IT Consultation with Small Businesses
Strategic Planning & Management for Small Businesses
IT Consultation with NGOs from Developing Nations
Social Work in Rural India

Carol Tenopir Chancellor's Professor;
Board of Visitors Professor

Dr. Tenopir’s research and teaching interests are international in scope. She was a 2005 Fulbright Senior Specialist at the University of Oulu, Finland; a 2006 Visiting Research Fellow at HANKEN university in Helsinki, Finland; a 2004-2006 John Metcalfe Visiting Scholar at the University of New South Wales, Australia; and serves as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow for Ciber (Center for Information Behavior and the Evaluation of Research), University College London.

Dr. Tenopir has teaching and research experience and expertise in Finland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Some recent research projects include a Project for IEEE comparing communication and information use of high tech engineers in the US and India and a Project for CSA studying scientists in Germany, Finland, Denmark, and the US. Please refer to Dr. Tenopir’s webpage to see all that she is and has been professionally involved in.

Peiling Wang Professor

I have taught, collaborated, presented, or visited many countries including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, China (Mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong), Germany, France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, ...

Xiaohua (Awa) Zhu Associate Professor

Intellectual property and licensing issues in China; academic librarianship in China.

  • School of Journalism & Electronic Media
Name Position International Interests
Mark Harmon Professor

British Media, the Indexing Hypothesis

Bob Legg Associate Professor

Legg's international endeavors include development of a video production facility at a Jordanian university, a filming trip with students to Ethiopia and Tanzania and teaching summer semesters on documentary production in the country of Cyprus.

  • School of Communication Studies
Name Position International Interests
Michelle Violanti Associate Professor

Dr. Violanti is interested in cultural and co-cultural communication.

  • School of Advertising & Public Relations
Name Position International Interests
Candace White Professor

Dr. White is interested in studying how cultural differences affect how messages are received, and how the practice of public relations varies in different countries. Recent studies look at the role of private sector corporations as non-state actors in public diplomacy.  She has been involved in teaching, research, and professional activities in Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Wales, Croatia, and Italy. She taught for the Consortium for International Business Studies in Asolo, Italy, and leads a study abroad program in international public relations each summer in Urbino, Italy.