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CCI 150 Communication in an Information Age

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This "gateway" course is an introduction to college majors and minors. The course is titled Communication in an Information Age. The course is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Develop a basic understanding of mediated and non-mediated communication.
  • Learn how communication and information industries are funded.
  • Understand the historical developments in key communication and information industries.
  • Gain awareness of the interactive relationships between communication and information systems and the social, political, legal, and economic forces surrounding them.
  • Identify ways in which digital technologies are transforming communication and information systems and processes.
  • Become a more enlightened consumer of mediated and non-mediated messages.
  • Gain an understanding of professional options open to those who earn majors and minors offered through the University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information. 

A copy of a recent syllabus for the course is available below:

C&I 150 Spring 2013