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Undergraduate Studies

The College of Communication and Information offers a variety of curricula to provide its students with the knowledge they need to thrive in their field of choice.

Students earn either a BS or BA in Communication, depending on their selected major. The college offers undergraduate majors in advertising, communication studies, journalism and electronic media and public relations. The college also offers minors in communication studies, communication and information, information studies and technology, and journalism and electronic media.

The four major academic sequences have a core curriculum, which permits specialization at the junior and senior level. These programs are designed to prepare students for professional careers in numerous fields, while helping meet the challenge of adapting to changing delivery systems.

Communication and Information graduates are working in broadcasting, telecommunications, newspaper and magazine journalism, publishing, advertising, public relations, marketing, interactive and electronic publishing, science writing, health communication, education, law, government, and other fields. The college’s alumni are successfully pursuing various careers across the United States and in other countries.

The college offers four undergraduate majors and several minors which span the fields of communication and information. Through prescribed coursework, students learn practical skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced industry of their choice, and still gain a broad understanding of the field as a whole.

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Commonly regarded as being among the top five advertising programs nationwide. Graduates employed by advertising agencies, media organizations and corporation in areas such as account services, media planning, sales, copywriting, research and testing, and management.

Communication Studies
Prepares students to be leaders in a number of possible careers, including public relations, advertising, personnel, business, industry, government, law, administration, politics, consulting, and teaching.

Journalism and Electronic Media
Prepares students for careers in the rapidly changing and converging fields of print and electronic media, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet, radio, television, cable, and satellite. Graduates secure positions in reporting, writing, and editing; publishing; photojournalism and graphic design; science, technology and medical writing; news reporting, anchoring, and production; corporate video production; audience research; and broadcast sales, promotion, and management.

Public Relations
Trains students how to best integrate communications strategies into corporate organizational programs. Graduates work in corporate communications management, publicity campaign management, publications consulting and science communications.


Minors are offered in communication studies, information studies and technology, and journalism and electronic media. At least six of the credit hours required for a minor must be completed at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.